Sprinkler System Installation

Sprinkler System Installation
Sprinkler System Installation

There are so many types of sprinklers out there. Picking the one that works best for your property is very important and assessing the pros and cons of each. Take a look at each type of sprinkler that’s out there to determine the right one for you. Also, consider important features like a rain sensor. These are so important to have. That one was on the top of my list when looking for a system.

Things to consider before getting a sprinkler system installation are the size of landscape needing irrigation, type of sprinklers, and what you want your sprinklers to do.

In-Ground Sprinklers
The best type of sprinkler system that offers low maintenance and is great to cover large areas like your front, back, and the side of your yards. This ideal also for corner lot properties also. These systems are great because they work automatically. You don’t have to go turn it on manually. The system runs itself on a timer or schedule you set. Depending on the size of your lawn, you will have a certain number of zones. The sprinkler system will move from one zone to the next and stops at the last zone. It will water each zone you set based on a timer you also have set. This can be programmed by you or a sprinkler specialist. It can be tweaked to accommodate your individual property to decrease water time in zone 1 if it becomes saturated, for example. The down side to an in-ground sprinkler system is that it can cost a lot of money on the initial investment. However, you do save lots of money on water wastage without one. These systems last ten to fifteen years. The price for any sprinkler system depends on the brand you pick, additional accessories for the system, type of system, and the size of property you are irrigating.

Portable Sprinklers


If you don’t have a lot of money, this may be the sprinkler for you. It accommodates a fixed sprinkler that shoots water in one direction or pattern. This works great for small backyards or gardens. If you have a medium back yard you will want a rotating sprinkler. The sprinkler will have two arms that rotate and spray water in a circular pattern. If you want a portable sprinkler with a large lawn, you need to get an oscillating sprinkler. It features a tube with several openings that will move water back and forth to allow an even distribution of water on a larger lawn. Impact sprinklers are probably a better option for large lawns like a corner lot. It spins in a circle imitating a rotating sprinkler emitting a single stream that covers a much larger distance.

When to Run Your System
Timing is important, because if you have your sprinkler system running in the heat of the day. The sun is out and evaporating most of what you are running. The ideal time to run your system is the early morning. I like to run my system a 4 am. The sun is not out. If you choose am and the sun is coming up at least the sun isn’t strong enough to quickly evaporate the water, and the grass will have time to dry and absorb nutrients too. If you decide you want to run your sprinkler system on a sunny day, you will need to run your system longer to compensate for the evaporation occurring. To find out if you need more water time on the grass, look at your yard. If you have dying parts or brown patches, the answer is clear. Increase the time in that zone to bring that grass back to life.

Hiring Reliable Septic Service Companies

Hiring Reliable Septic Service Companies

Septic Tank Installation
Septic Tank Installation

Your septic tank requires regular maintenance and cleaning that should be done properly by experienced and licensed professionals. Failure to do so can result in increased maintenance costs and a shorter life of your septic tank. It’s very important when looking for a septic service company that you find a reputable company that will do the job right. Finding the right company for your septic is very easy.

You can check the local directories or yellow pages. The internet is another good option to get a convenient result of your search using one of the many search engines like Google or Yahoo. Refine your search with your specific location to ensure you find someone that will service your septic tank. In general, if you are searching online, the companies closest to you will appear. Just in case though you may want to call to be sure you find a company that will service your location. It has been my experience that if you have money you want to spend on septic services, they will come.

What to look for?

Now there are certain things that should be kept in mind when you are choosing a septic company. I don’t know about you but the cost is the single biggest consideration when it comes to buying a product or service. The rate of the service depends on a few factors like the travel distance, number of septic tanks, and specific services needed. More services mean higher cost. However, if you have multiple septic tanks, the septic technician should give you a deal. If they are going to charge you double the amount to do pump two septic tanks, they are doing you any favors. A fair company will reduce the amount of the second tank or overall cost. Most of the companies have a fixed rate for each type of services and should offer you a deal for bigger or multiple services needed. It’s always a good idea to ask if they can offer special pricing when you are spending a couple of thousand dollars to service several septic tanks.

I usually send out a post on my NextDoor phone application. I will usually ask them if they know of a good plumber or septic company they used. I will sometimes ask them of pricing they were charged to get an idea. Other neighbors communicate on there to inform us of outstanding service or products they tried nearby. It helps to determine a good company through neighbors. I like to find out different pricing people were charged for the same services. I also like to compare the quality of service with the price. It is good to assume if you have more than one septic tank, the septic company may be able to offer you a deal. If you are having more than one septic tank worked on whether its an inspection or septic pumping, they should be able to help the customer out a little.
Consider the reputation of the company

This is so important when you consider hiring for septic work. You can look at reviews on Google or another search engine. You can talk to neighbors and find out who they used and what they thought. Contact the service provider, which has a good reputation near you. Reputable septic companies take pride in the quality of work that they carry out. You can read the reviews. Reading the bad reviews is also important and take those with a grain of salt. More people are opting to complain that they are to applaud. You can find out what the previous customers say about the services offered by the septic service company. But check only the authentic reviews and testimonials.

Ask a friend

You can ask your friends or associates for recommendations. If they have had septic pumping from a company, they can help you with the contact details of the service provider. Ask if they were satisfied with the work done by them.

Rely on experience

Check out the experience level of the company. Do they have many years of experience or just got started? If they are in business for a long time and have a good level of experience, you can go for the services from them.

Ask more questions

When contacting a service company over phone or meeting, discuss your concerns and ask why they are best in service. Some reputed company even offer free advice without introducing the service quote.

Sometimes you can depend on your own gut feeling or your previous experience. If you are disappointed by the service of a company, search for another. Keeping these things in mind may help you in finding out a good quality service provider from your area.