Here’s What You Need to Know about Dimming LED Lamp



Owning a LED lamp is basically essential in any home, and its popularity is continuously rising fast around the globe even. An even modern take is getting dimmable lighting that could even increase efficiency in the long run. Since LED lamps have more benefits to offer than the usual CFL’s, it has become even more significant to know how to optimize their usage.
LED lamps are obvious energy-saving counterparts of the fluorescents and the consumers are apparently happy with the results. The dimming performance of your lamp can be maximized depending on how much you know about the product. Here are the do’s and don’ts that you ought to know in dimming your favorite LED lighting:

Always choose dimmable LED lighting.

Many homeowners believe that when they buy LED light, it automatically comes with a dimmer or has a dimming option altogether. Basically, a dimming LED light needs to have a circuit that’s meant for dimming. Buy lamps that are essentially manufactured and described as dimmable lights. While the functionality and performance cannot be guaranteed, it is actually a great start for you as a buyer.

Spend wisely on trusted brands.

With the emerging popularity of the LED lamp, many manufacturers have come up with different ways to market them, some even offering over the top features. Essentially, top brands are recognized as the trusted ones in the lighting industry. With outstanding brightness range and dependable stability, you can never go wrong with a brand that’s recognized worldwide. Brands that are more or less unpopular may tend to offer features that can be pretty disappointing. So long as the manufacturer can equally a lamp that’s “dimmable”, it doesn’t matter if they can only deliver lesser quality outputs. Most unrecognized brands are way cheaper too therefore enticing buyers with supposed quality at an affordable price. This could, however, mean a shorter lamp life in the process. If you want to spend wisely, spend on brands that are trusted. Additionally, these brands provide the best guarantees and warranties in the long run.

Don’t forget to read the label and instructions.


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If you’re looking for quality incandescent lighting that will ultimately deliver real retrofit lighting comparison, you have to initially consider the brightness range of the lamp. With the recent development and important changes in the lighting technology, there have been advancements as to the lumens per watt for most lighting technology, even for warm white lights wherein incandescence is mostly in question. Always read the instructions and the label on the product package so you can choose the dimmable lamp with larger and wider dimming range for that matter. Remember that the brighter the lamp, the greater the dimming range will be.

Choose a dimmer before buying luminaires.

It is basically very essential that you choose a dimmer which easily and effectively controls the total lighting wattage of the lamps in addition to the quality of the dim. Like any other switches, a lamp that is designed for LED lighting also consists of maximum and minimum loads. Make sure that you choose lighting installation that allows you to use within the maximum load that’s readily available. When you split the load on more than a single dimmer, you could be provided a better solution and much greater control. This is attributed to the light levels that are zoned in a very functional area. Look for the modern and newest technology that now consists of dimming lighting of up to 600 watts.
If you want to be able to optimize and maximize the functionality of your LED lamp, always make sure that you know the do’s and don’ts before buying one.

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