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Crawfordsville HVAC – Air Conditioner Runs All the Time

Should Your Air Conditioner Run All the Time?

Crawfordsville HVAC

Crawfordsville HVAC

You are not alone, most people using an air conditioner are in a dilemma whether they should keep their air conditioner on all time! There are times when your AC may have to run more than normal to keep you cool when outside temperatures on in the triple digits. Like, when it’s hot outside your Ac will take more time to keep the room temperature moderate. Especially during those times, your AC is working double time to keep you cool. Running for longer hours at this situation is good enough but apart from this, there are situations that are of concern.

Situations that are of concern

There are certain situations that will indicate that something is not right with your air conditioner need you need Crawfordsville HVAC services.

  • Your air conditioner keeps running all the time, it does not get turn off at all.
  • When your energy bills are going high and still there is no change in the routine of your use of air conditioner.
  • Even the lowest thermostat of the air conditioner is unable to reduce the temperature.
  • Your air conditioner is blowing air but it is not the cool air as you had set.
  • Your AC fan outside is not moving as it should when the air conditioning is functioning properly.

When you find any of the above problems it’s time to take action, but before you call Crawfordsville HVAC it’s better to have some idea about the problem.

Causes that makes AC run all the time

Air Conditioning Replace

Air Conditioning Replace

There can be different causes that lead to AC running all the time or other related problems.

Just like anything the AC also needs to breathe and when the air flow to or from your air conditioner is blocked then it finds it difficult to perform. There can be a different reason for this blockage like the dusty filters, leak in ductwork or a bad motor. Change the air filter first and still if the problem persists you need help. Commonly, your AC works much harder because you forgot to change the filters. If that’s not the problem, check the other areas like the breaker box. Is your fan on the unit outside moving? If you still can’t find the answer, it is time to call the professionals.

Over time grime and dirt built up on your evaporator coils and again it creates a problem. For absorbing the heat of the air circulating in your room the refrigerant runs over the evaporator coil. Thus, when it is dirty there will be a problem. It is recommended to have these cleaned to keep your system running well. There are many businesses that will do it for you. Make sure its a licensed ac technician or specialist.

Even not enough refrigerant is another cause that leads to a running of the air conditioner all the time. Normally refrigerant never runs out but still, if it is happening then there is a leak. Any icy build up in the Ac indicates that there is a leak.

When your AC has provided service to you for about 10 to 12 years you must understand that its time exchange it. Any air conditioner can work for a maximum of 15 years with annual maintenance.